Simryn photo

Creating a vending machine that people can put food in.

Maritza S.

Maritza S., James Logan High School

Gloria is one of htmelle’s youngest and brightest sustainability activists!

Tanisha U.

Tanisha U., Saint Francis High School

Tanisha started E-missions for Students with the goal to make young adults more aware of the carbon emissions that they are producing.

Tanushri R.

Tanushri R. photo

Tanushri founded Puzzle which guarantees your child’s safety by protecting the school itself.

Swara S.

Swara S photo

Swara is committed to saving our planet by eliminating recycling confusion for everyone with easy-to-use, accessible technology.

Rachael J.

Rachael J. Saint Francis High School

Rachael was not satisfied with modern habit trackers so she started Plus Minus.

Evie L.

Evie L photo

Evie learned that one out of four people don’t get safe healthy clean water.

Kayla L.

Kayla L. photo

Kayla realized that schooling resources cost a lot of money but sustained improvements to the level

Franny H.

Franny H Photo

Franny’s main goal was to reduce gun violence everywhere.