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Welcome to the only sisterhood that works with young women on every step of the entrepreneurial process - from ideation all the way to fruition.

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our mission

Women lag substantially behind men in terms of their representation in leadership positions. htm.elle believes that by teaching girls how to be innovative problem solvers, we are teaching them to be the future leaders of the world.

Why work for someone else’s dream when you can be the executive of your very own?

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our program


Our one-of-a-kind program seamlessly integrates three different disciplines into one to teach girls how to ideate better solutions to real world problems that are bolder, more innovative, and incredibly human.

We support and work with our girls on every step in their entrepreneurial journey, from ideating their solution and prototyping it to pitching and funding their company.


how it works


Girls enter the program and choose a local or global issue they want to address.

Utilizing creativity, students will learn how to become impactful designers and ideate a meaningful solution to that issue. They will answer the big question, “What is human centered design and how can I use it to problem solve?” Lessons in this stage will teach girls how to be creatively confident, as well as build out multiple iterations of their idea through prototyping.

Cognitive science

Next, our girls enter cognitive science which helps students understand their audience on a deeper level. Girls will be answering the big question, “How do humans think and how can I make my prototype address their pain points?” Lessons will include removing cognitive dissonance, understanding their user’s behavior on a micro level, and refining their prototype to make it more empathetic.


Computer science

Lastly, our girls will be answering the big question, “What is computer science and how can I integrate it into my solution?” Students will learn multiple computer science programs that build their machine learning and data science skills, as well as computational thinking to help them further refine their prototype and effectively integrate technology into it. 


Throughout the entire process, we work with girls to help them materialize their pitch deck, build out strategies for funding and investing, and learn other leadership skills that will help make their venture successful.

Included with the main program, our girls have exclusive access to resources, mentors, events, and opportunities to supplement their journey and capitalize on their success.

Leaving our program, our girls are equipped with a prototype, pitch deck, and tools to become a powerful female founder and leader.


July 2019

if my school was built like this, i would be happy to come to school everyday.

Alondra / Summer Pilot Program Student


our impact

11.3% of the Bay Area population are living at or below the poverty level. These residents, many of who are students, do not have access to the same educational resources that other communities do.

Because of this, we prioritize 6th to12th grade female-identifying and non-binary individuals who come from low-income, underserved, and at risk communities for our program.

Our classes offer them a diverse and inclusive environment with no peer pressure and more opportunities and role models.


girls today

We are served 9 young women through our 2019 summer pilot program. We are now working on growing and scaling to reach more girls.



girls over the next year

We will be serving 300 girls over the next year due to our partnerships with Fremont High, College Track, and more.



girls in the next five years

We hope to expand nationally and globally in the next five years, serving girls who deserve the right to make a difference with their future.


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